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"Resources" represent an effort to record the available material, related to the fields of study of CEMMIS. It aims at facilitating those who want to enrich their understanding of the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and the Islamic world. "Resources" are divided into two broad categories. The first one consists of different kinds of website links (newspapers, journals, research centers) that hold different perspectives. The second category consists of articles and analyses classified under thematic categories which, in the CEMMIS research team's view, encompass the essense of the issue under study while at the same time reflecting its different perspectives. Finally, given that multimedia and especially "the image" are inextricably linked to education and research, we added a special category that includes films and documentaries which offer a different view on the issues of the region.

Wherever it is possible resources with free access are preferred.

Resources will frequently be renewed and replenished in order to keep the material up to date.