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Tuesday, 29 June 2021 15:48

Crossing Borders in the Middle East | Middle East Bulletin 40

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Emotions and Borders in the Middle East

Eleni-Panagiota Stoupa 3 6

Colonialism and the Borders in the Middle East

Charitini Petrodaskalaki 7 10

Balancing between the borders: Iranian Afghans’ quest for (re)integration

Dimitris Papanikolaou 11 15

Fences, Walls and Border Engineering: the case of the Holy City’s (un)Holy Divisions

Ilias Mitrousis 16 19

Libya’s porous southern border: a neglected challenge impacting the country’s future

Alexandra Nikopoulou 20 24

Hamas: Between Governance and Resistance

Christina Chatzitheodorou 25 28

Boundaries reloaded: Iraq-Syria borders during and post-ISIS era

Ilias Tasopoulos 29 32

Kurdish frontier: Ideological boundaries are the hardest to transcend

Katia Zagoritou 33 37

Water Issue and Turkey-Syria-Iraq

Özgür Kurşun 38 42

The different dimensions of cyber borders in the Middle East

Elena Ntarvis Tampar

43  46

Pilgrimage in modern times: Challenges for Muslims and Christians

Fragkiskos Plytas 47 51

Mapping out intellectual borders in the Middle East; blurred lines and demarcations

Ihab Shabana 52 55