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Saturday, 06 June 2020 15:16

Iran, interrupted | Middle East Bulletin 38

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Revolutionary politics: has the Islamic Revolution survived post-modernity?

Maria Kourpa 3 6

Catch me if you can before the elections: Iran’s crash test on multiple economic battlefronts

Ilias Mitrousis 7 11

The Status of Refugees in a deteriorating Iranian economy

Charitini Petrodaskalaki 12 15

From Dey Mah 2017 to November 2019- Iran’s protest movements: an ongoing process of rupture with the past?

Katia Zagoritou 16 20

Iranian minorities in limbo?

Stavros I. Drakoularakos 21 24

“Neither East nor West”. Iran’s clergy between power and opposition

Ihab Shabana 25 28

Kinship and the state building of Iran

Eleni-Panagiota Stoupa 29 32

The ever-shifting balance between Iran, Russia and Turkey

Ilias Tasopoulos 33 36

Iran and the Gulf: beyond Saudi Arabia

Alexandra Nikopoulou 37 40

Sino-Iranian Relations: A Much Simpler Affair

Zakia Aqra

41  44

INSTEX and Stick: Europe’s quest to gain Tehran’s confidence and salvage the JCPOA agreement

Dimitris Papanikolaou 45 48

Archaeological practice in Iran

Amalia Chappa 49 52